January 24 updates

Here are today’s announcements and updates:

  • Sunday: at 6:00 PM at LLWC – Bible Study of Ezekiel with Pastor John.
  • Tuesday: at 6:30 AM at LLWC – Join other men for prayer and share time.
  • Wednesday: at 10:00 AM at LLWC – Women’s Bible Study, “Believing in Jesus” We’ll be studying Acts chapters 1 and 2.
  • Wednesday: at 6:00 PM at LLWC – Bible Study.
  • Wednesday: at 7:00 PM at NUMC – Prayer meeting.
  • Thursday: at 10:00 AM – NUMC Bible Study at Phyllis Montanye’s home.
  • Thursday: 12:30-2:30 at NUMC – Coffee for the Community.
  • Sunday Feb. 7th: 12:00 at LLWC – Monthly Potluck after worship.
  • Saturday Feb. 13th: 10:00 AM at LLWC – Dress-a-Girl workshop. This will be a sewing workshop. Please bring your surgers, sewing machines, fabric scissors, lunch, etc. We’ll also make up some kits that we didn’t finish last time.
  • Saturday Feb. 13th: 5:00-6:30 Chicken and Biscuit Dinner at NUMC during the Winter Festival. Let us know if you’re willing to help.
  • Thursday Feb 18th: 10:00 AM at LLWC – Wesleyan Women gather to plan ways that we can get involved in ministry to Long Lake.

Contact us or call Pastor John at 518-624-2411 (or email drjohngocke@hotmail.com) if you have questions.

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