May 17 update

A few updates and announcements:

  • We had fun planting potatoes today! What a beautiful, perfect day! A few pics are on our church website.
  • Tues. – Men’s prayer at 6:30 AM in the sanctuary.
  • Wed.   Womens’ prayer time at 9 AM. We will have the coffee pot on; hope to see you there!
  • Wed evening prayer group – at 6 PM – join us as we explore “The Spirit of Elijah” in the scriptures. Dave Carney is leading the group through the book of Malachi over the next few months.
  • Saturday – Youth grades 5-12 are invited to join us at 6 PM for “Fusion” for pizza, games, and fellowship. Bring a friend!
  • Sunday – 10:00 AM join us for “Sunday School” and for worship at 11:00.
  • Sunday evening at 6 PM – join us for Bunny’s Bible Study in the sanctuary.
  • Mark your calendars for our Annual Church Meeting on Wednesday, May 21st at 6 PM. We will be approving our new budget! Great things are happening!

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